NEO mining

From my paper notes from years ago:
* Find Near Earth Objects (NEO) catalog(s)
* Determine what is of value [e.g. precious metals]
* Make qualifications list
* Find candidate and rank by value, cost (capture and building), and both
* Pick optimal targets
* Devise methods of capture & construction
* Present plans to backer(s)

I recall thinking that near earth asteroids would take less fuel for transport of, to and from. I also recall thinking and that asteroids have low gravity which makes it easier to escape from.

I was holding back on publishing this post, but now seems appropriate given the recent passing of the US “2015 Space Act”. Details are at:

Other recent news includes NASA’s Near Earth Asteroid Scout (NEAScout ) which is going to launch as a secondary payload on the 2018 Space Launch System (SLS) Exploration Mission 1 (EM-1) (story at: ). This mission should help figure out what other Near Earth Asteroids are made of.

Drew Daniels

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