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November 28, 2005


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The content here is written without the permission of Linear Systems
Ltd., but only uses publicly available information.

Some pages at http://www.linsys.ca

  • Linear Systems Ltd.’s web site’s site map seems to make it easier to navigate the site. Google seemingly wasn’t indexing the site.
  • Linear Systems seems to have quite a few different Broadcast Boards available. These look to be branded DVEO boards (many or all of the pictures show the word DVEO on the boards). There seems to be mostly boards for DVB-ASI, ATSC (SMPTE 310M), and SDI (SMPTE 259M).
  • IP Caster is a pair of systems designed to receive ASI at one end, and then transmit ASI at the other. In between them is some kind of IP based network (probably using Gigabit Ethernet). The transmitter side of IP Caster looks like it might be able to be used to send to other appliances and software such as VideoLan.
  • DVB Loop is a product that according to Computer Modules, uses Stream Valve software, and seems like it has a full duplex DVEO DVB-ASI PCI card in it.
  • Quad Mux looks like it could be quite a nice, low cost, real time MPEG-2 transport stream multiplexer. The page says it supports MPEG SI tables such as PAT’s, PMT’s etc..
  • TimeShifter looks like a low cost way to move content from one time zone to another, keeping prime time content, in prime time for the new time zone (e.g. a 9PM show in the eastern time zone could be played out an hour later to be 9PM in the next time zone over).
  • A variety of software is available from Linear Systems.
  • It seems that Linear Systems gives away their drivers, and some SDK’s for their cards at their downloads page.
  • A variety of manuals are available for free download from Linear Systems’ Support –
    page. Of particular interest is the Master
    Technical Reference Manual
    which has quite a few details on the
    features of many of the DVEO boards, their operation, how to qualify a
    system, and even some introduction to DVB, MPEG and other broadcast industry concepts.
  • The Support – Data Sheets page seems to contain both Data Sheets and a few white papers. Of particular interest is discussions on high speed (AKA throughput) data transfers, and information about overflows.

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