Position title: Security Analyst
Government of Manitoba
Department of Finance
Office of Information Technology (OIT)
Information Protection Centre (IPC)

Found a firewall misconfiguration (included in a briefing to the Minister of Finance).
Scanning internal IIS web servers for Code Red and Nimda vulnerabilities.
Creating summaries of IDS logs for CANCERT (Canadian CERT)
Attending Information Protection Association of Manitoba (IPAM) meetings.
Working with Snort and ISS's (Internet Security Systems) Network Intrusion Detection Systems (called RealSecure) (updating them, reading their logs, new installations)
Mapping the internal network's topology.
Demonstrated a proof of concept exploit that could defeat old ISS IDS's.

Analyzed daily lists of vulnerabilities to determine if any systems were vulnerable.

Used nmap, Nessus and other scanning tools to help find any potential vulnerabilities.

Helped diagnose bad web content that produced a denial of service (DoS) attack like symptoms.

Evaluated several encryption products.
Evaluated filtering proxies.

Worked with WebTrends to help with forensic analysis through proxy log audits.

Worked with hard drive imaging technology to help prepare to do future forensic analysis.

Re-configured a Checkpoint firewall.

Did arp scans.

Test lab creation & maintenance (x86, RS/6000 AIX 4.3.3, Sun EPS 250 Solaris, HP R300 HPUX).